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A group of volunteers from the East Coast Cannabis Substitution Program in Halifax, Nova Scotia, have been giving away cannabis edibles with the intention to get users off of dangerous drugs. 


Led by Chris Backer, the group has been helping the cause for quite a while now, offering a rotating menu of cannabis items including DIY joint kits, capsules, gummies, cookies, and chocolates, among others.


Although cannabis has not been scientifically proven to curb dangerous substance addictions, it’s been documented to be highly successful in helping beat such addictions. 


This notion has been challenged by Dr. Samuel Hickcox, physician lead for addictions medicine at Nova Scotia Health. There is no “high quality scientific evidence” to support the claim, Hickcox said. He went on to acknowledge that there is observational data that “shows a decrease in the frequency of opioid injection in groups of people who smoke cannabis and inject opioids, though there are no experimental studies showing a correlation.”


Hickcox’s concern is that patients may use cannabis instead of traditional pharmaceutical drugs for opioid addiction treatment in favour of cannabis, stating that it may cause more harm than benefit.


Recently registered as a not-for-profit organization, the program is supplied by donations and operated by volunteers, with most volunteers having experienced the benefits of cannabis. Currently, their operation hands out over 200 packages every week.


“A lot of us have come off of our own addiction because of cannabis. So it’s one of those things that if you know it works, how can you not help people with it?” Backer said.

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