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Former Blackberry executive, Owen Allerton, shares his experience with alcohol and cannabis in corporate workplaces. He notes that while cannabis carries a stigma, alcohol is commonly perceived as “cool” when stocked in an office refrigerator. Allerton also points out that it’s the norm for sales teams to go out for drinks and get hungover the next day, and that those who can handle their booze are celebrated while those who cannot are lightheartedly mocked.


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Allerton, who worked at Blackberry for over 10 years, wants to change this way of thinking.


“The irony is that cannabis has been demonized, while the excessive consumption of alcohol, a literal poison, is celebrated. This is why we believe strongly in the normalization and de-stigmatization of cannabis. With responsible, controlled consumption, cannabis can be a far more positive element in society,” Allerton stated.


Allerton and his wife are set to open their own 2,000 square-foot cannabis store in Kitchener, Ontario, in February 2021.


Owen Allerton also served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Verda Innovations, a tech startup in Waterloo that sells ecommerce solutions for the cannabis retail industry. He decided to open his own store after working here for a year. Perhaps this is where he got his high idea for his cannabis shop.


To alleviate cannabis from its stigma, Allerton wants consumers to have reliable and effective cannabis products with education on how to consume and integrate cannabis into their lives.


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