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The early results from a recent study suggests that cannabis use leads to people drinking less alcohol, rather than more. The study, named The Canadian Cannabis Patient Survey of 2019, was conducted and sponsored by the cannabis company, Tilray. 


About 44% of patients who reported consuming alcohol before they started using cannabis claimed they were drinking less after starting. However, this is merely an association rather than concrete proof that cannabis leads to reduced alcohol consumption.


One of the authors of the study, a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, Philippe Lucas stated, “more and more, as we put the pieces together, we’re seeing that cannabis products can be used as safer substitutes instead. We have a lot more evidence now to suggest that, for example, people use less alcohol on the days when they also use cannabis. And, on the evenings when they are using cannabis and going out with friends, they’re less likely to binge drink.” Philippe Lucas is also the VP of Global Patient Research and Access at Tilray.


Tim Stockwell, a professor in the department of psychology and scientist at the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victory, stated, “I don’t have the national data in front of me, but the number of deaths estimated for a recent year in Canada would be about 1,100 for cannabis and about 18,000 for alcohol.”


Are you a consumer of alcohol and cannabis? Do you find that you consume less alcohol when using cannabis products? Let us know in the comments!


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